Page 1: SWEET strategies for developers working in the third space 
Rhona Sharpe

Page 5: Action Learning for Academic Development: Learning from experience in two different research-intensive settings 
Claire Stocks, Joseph Hughes and Chris Trevitt

Page 10: ‘Can we find five minutes for a chat?’: Fostering effective dialogue between educational developers and leaders of learning and teaching in universities 
Sally Brown and Shân Wareing

Page 13: Whatever happened to Programme Assessment Strategies? 
Ruth Withfield and Peter Hartley

Page 19: How can we ensure students can participate in a dialogue around teaching and learning in the complex landscape of contemporary HE? 
Rebecca Turner and Ellie Russell

Page 21: Structured peer feedback between universities – Learning from the REACT project 
Tom Lowe, Elisabeth Dunne, Stuart Sims and Wilko Luebsen

Page 24: Everything and nothing: Capturing hearts, minds and credit at the Royal College of Art 
Chris Mitchell

Page 28: SEDA News