Page 1: Supporting Health and Wellbeing: A new award for the SEDA Professional Development Framework 
Ruth Pilkington and Roisin Curran

Page 3: Academic staff: To apprentice, or not to apprentice, that is the question! 
Stephen Powell and Peter Gossman

Page 7: Just ask – Locating effective teaching practice 
Lydia Arnold and Steve Barnett

Page 11: The distributed educational development team 
Colin Heron, Sue Horder,  Jane Richardson and Claire Taylor 

Page 14: The positive impact of a University  Fellowship on Teaching and Learning 
John Bostock 

Page 18: Editing experience with IETI –  Everything you wanted to know but  didn’t like to ask 
Celia Popovic

Page 21: How useful is peer assessment in  evaluating individual contributions to group work? 
Amy Lund 

Page 24: Benefits and limitations of a  collaborative approach to course  design 
Julie Usher and Robert Farmer

 Page 28: SEDA News