Page 1: Exploring the Social Contexts of Learning to Teach in HE 
Ali Cooper, Lancaster University

Page 8: Dialogue 
David Baume, Independent Consultant for Higher Education

Page 8: Editorial 
Anthony Brand

Page 10: The Future of Quality Enhancement 
Richard Blackwell, Senior Adviser, LTSN Generic Centre

Page 12: Race Relations Act 2000 
Helen Gale, University of Wolverhampton

Page 14: Interview with Suki Ekaratne 
Anthony Brand

Page 16: Is there an Ideal Method for Evaluating New Lecturers 
Roni Bamber, Heriot-Watt University

Page 21: Book Review 
David Baume

Page 22: The Evolution of SEDA’s Values 
Shirley Earl (Napier University) and Anthony Brand (Chair of SEDA-PDF)

Page 24: Why SEDA-PDF? Appreciating learning whenever it happens 
Jo Tait

Page 26: GEMS of the LTSN – Part 2 
Stephen Bostock FSEDA, Keele University

Page 28: SEDA-PDF First Award for Post-Compulsory Sector through DPPA 
John Doidge, University of Leicester