Page 1: SEDA’s response to the Teaching Excellence Framework Technical Consultation SEDA 
Co-Chairs and Vice Chair

Page 5: Seven years and still no itch: Why TESTA keeps going Professor 
Tansy Jessop

Page 9: TESTA – Developing one aspect of feedback review at the University of Dundee 
Lynn Boyle and Neil Taylor

Page 12: ‘You can’t write a load of rubbish’: Why blogging works… 
Amy Barlow and Tansy Jessop

Page 16: Students setting their own assessments … 
Dr Deena Ingham

Page 21: Dissertations for Good: Research for the real world that plugs the gaps 
Kim Croasdale

Page 23: SEDA and the Lebanese Professional Standards Framework 
Mike Laycock, Georges Yahchouchi, Liz Shrives and Jo Peat

Page 28: ‘We learn from each other’: Creating a scholarly community … 
Sharon Boyd, Yvonne Black, Sally Couch, Athinodoros Athinodorou and Jessie Paterson

Page 30: Reflections on a conference in Kerala 
Jo peat

Page 32: SEDA News

The full issue will be available online 12 months after publication.