Page 1: A toolkit for evaluating educational development ventures 
David Baume FSEDA

Page 7: Tutoring the new tutors: training that works 
Ian Brailsford, in conjunction with Julie Bartlett-Trafford, Meg Bates and Andrea Mead

Page 11: Abelard, Gutenburg, Humboldt and Feynman – Towards Professional Teaching in Higher Education 
A conversation between Lewis Elton and James Wisdom

Page 14: Professional development as a pilgrim journey 
Tim Ling

Page 16: From co-ordinator to developer: a participant perspective on the Professional Development Framework Award: Staff and Educational Development 
John Canning

Page 17: Learning and Learning Spaces for the 21st Century 
Paul Martin

Page 20: e-Learning Course Design Intensives: disrupting the norms of curriculum design 
Greg Benfield

Page 23: The Development of a Generic Work-based Learning Programme 
David Johnson

Page 27: News from the International Council for Educational Development 
James Wisdom

Page 28: New from SEDA