Page 1: The revised SEDA Values and how we use them 
Stephen Bostock and Pam Parker

Page 3: Using Brookfield’s reflective lenses in educational development 
Peter Reed

Page 5: Constructing practice space to support professional learning 
Ruth Pilkington

Page 9: Leading Transformation in Learning and Teaching: The story so far… 
Doug Parkin and Steve Outram

Page 12: Engagement for enhancement:… 
Alex Buckley

Page 15: The Student Engagement Partnership conversation: … 
Ellie Russell�

Page 17: #10DoT – Ten Days of Twitter 
Dr Helen Webster

Page 20: Ten Days of Twitter at Regent’s University 
London Chris Rowell

Page 22: Using e-portfolios to evidence the UKPSF: … 
Mandy Asghar

Page 26: News from the Professional Development Framework Committee 
Lynnette Matthews

Page 28: SEDA News

The full issue will be available online 12 months after publication