Page 1: Moving on from Peer Observation of Teaching: a collaborative development utilising the principle of peer-support 
David Crutchley, Kevin Nield and Fiona Jordan

Page 5: The impact of academic development: questioning my evaluation practices 
Lynn McAlpine

Page 8: Effective interventions to support practitioners’ adoption of e-learning 
Rhona Sharpe FSEDA

Page 12: Discipline-specific Professional Development: just branding? 
Dr Shân Wareing FSEDA

Page 15: University life down under 
John Dearn

Page 18: Managing Programmes of Small-Scale Research & Development Funding: Lessons from HEIs and Subject Centres 
Dr Helen King AFSEDA and Laura Mattin

Page 23: Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity: Curriculum Matters 
Christine Talbot

Page 25: Educational Developments Dialogues 
David Baume FSEDA

Page 26: AP(E)L: counting credits or learning process? 
Rosemary Buchanan

Page 28: SEDA Summer School for New Educational Developers 
Peter Kahn FSEDA