Page 1: Refocusing to re-imagine university learning spaces 
Tom Duff and David Ross

Page 5: Preparing for the UKPSF at Ulster University: an exploration…. 
Dr Amanda Platt and Dr Sarah Floyd�

Page 10: Towards employability via happiness 
Glen Crust and Helen Hicks

Page 14: Of sweet pears, Stilton and nuts: Reflections on the 19th Annual SEDA Conference 
Diogo Casanova

Page 15: Open CPD by being open together – The future present of CPD 
Andrew Middleton�

Page 18: Exploring e-journaling as a tool for academic identity work:… 
Clare Kell and Cath Camps

Page 22: Student academic leadership: who is engaging whom? 
Debbie McVitty

Page 23: Engaging student ambassadors in internationalising learning and teaching 
Mary Kane

Page 25: Exploring perspectives on good, inspirational teaching 
Caroline Heaton, Nathaniel Pickering, Andrew Middleton and Graham Holden�

Page 27: The App Factory project 
Keith Brown and Julie Letchford

The full issue will be available online 12 months after publication.