1 AI detection and academic integrity
Jonathan Tulloch
4 Supporting critical thinking through purposeful classroom talk
Hilary Wason and Marion Heron
9 Addressing unexpected challenges in a blended learning project
Elaine Fisher and Ruth Brown
12 Be real: Can learning always be fun?
Steven White
14 Boundary spanning or crossing? The human cell as a metaphor to enable change planning and operationalisation
Clare Kell and Sarah Wilson-Medhurst
19 ‘Creative weird’: Exploring gamification of communication and listening skills through play
Sarah Aynsley, Matthew Rutter, Liz Boath and Russell Crawford
23 Groupwork – Could policy help, if so in what form?
Jim Turner
26 Writing in the Golden Hour: Effective synchronous collaborative academic writing
Karen Heard-Lauréote and Carina Buckley
28 SEDA News