Institutional recognition

To be recognised as a provider of SEDA-PDF, an institution must show:

  1. How professional development needs are identified
  2. How programmes and pathways are developed to meet these needs
  3. The location of the programme(s) within the institution
  4. Links between the programme(s) and relevant institutional policy or strategy, for example for teaching and learning or for human resource development
  5. A review of the strengths and weaknesses of the institution’s approach to professional development.

Recognition of these institutional elements takes into account the expertise and the robust systems already in the sector. Recognition at an institutional level confines itself to a small number of questions about institutional development policy and procedures. When additional named awards are added to an institution, programme leaders will be asked to revisit the responses to the institutional questions, and update them as necessary.

Programme accreditation

To be accredited as a provider of programmes within particular SEDA-PDF named awards, the provider must additionally:

  1. Demonstrate that the programme(s) encourage formative and developmental activities to enhance professional practice
  2. Show how participants develop and demonstrate the outcomes of the named award(s), in a way which is underpinned by its values
  3. Manage systems which monitor, moderate and review any assessment systems such as external examination and appeals procedures
  4. If the programme is assessed, show that the assessment strategy is appropriate to support professional learning.