When you have decided which named award(s) to seek accreditation for, you should complete the registration form. This should be signed by both the programme leader and a senior manager with responsibility for teaching and learning and returned to the SEDA office.


As you prepare for accreditation you will need to put together some documentation. Your mentor will continue to support you as you put together this documentation. You will need to produce:

You may also wish to provide a statement of institutional support, validation documents or documentation showing how the programme fits into the institutional strategy.

The programme mapping document should be used to show how the programme meets the outcomes and values of the named award. The outcomes are listed on the left hand side of the page. Space is left on the right hand side for details of the programme documentation to be inserted, showing exactly how and where programmes involve the respective outcomes and values. Mapping can be done by writing in references to the programme documentation or by inserting appropriate details from the programmes themselves.

It will also be necessary to:

  • explain the intended outcomes and values of your programme
  • explain how the programme supports participants to develop and demonstrate the outcomes and values
  • provide evidence for why particular development processes and learning methods have been chosen
  • explain upon what evidence the programme participants will be assessed.