Appeals by programme leaders for any reason which might lead to non-accreditation of a programme should be made to the Chair of the PDF Committee in the first instance.

Appeals should be made within three months of a decision not to accredit or, if under (1) below, as soon as a programme leader feels that no further progress can be made.

  1. Should there be a breakdown in the working relationship between the programme leader and the mentor or the programme leader and the accreditor(s), the programme leader should write, stating the reasons, as they see it, for the breakdown which is leading to the programme not moving forward to accreditation or non-accreditation taking place. 
  2. Should accreditors decide that a programme may only go forward with conditions and the programme leader disagrees with the conditions, they should write with their reasons why they disagree with the conditions.
  3. Accreditors may decide that a programme may be accredited for a  limited amount of time on the understanding that within that time frame conditions be met. Should the time allowed elapse without the conditions having been met and the programme leader has good reason to ask for an extension, they should write stating their reasons.

All cases for appeal will go to the Chair of the PDF Committee who will bring the matter to the next PDF Committee meeting or call an extraordinary meeting if needed.

Any decision made by the PDF Committee is final.