In brief, the process for gaining accreditation through SEDA-PDF is as follows:

  • Contact SEDA to discuss whether SEDA-PDF is right for your institution
  • Complete and return the SEDA-PDF registration form
  • The SEDA Office appoints a mentor and accreditors to work with you
  • Make contact with your mentor who will help you to complete the necessary SEDA-PDF documentation
  • An accreditation event attended by the accreditors takes place at your institution
  • The whole accreditation process including the mentoring should normally be completed within two years
  • The recognition of your institution and accreditation of your programme are approved by SEDA’s Professional Development Framework Committee, usually for five years
  • Individuals completing accredited programmes are awarded SEDA-PDF certificates
  • Your institutional recognition and programme accreditation is reviewed every five years.

You can view a summary of the above in our Recognition Process Prezi.

For a more detailed break down of the process of gaining accreditation click here.