Continuing professional development reports and triads for all SEDA fellowship holders

All categories of SEDA Fellowship holders (Associate Fellowship, Fellowship and Senior Fellowship) are expected to participate in an annual CPD process. This is the production of a CPD report, and participation in a triad discussion.

In keeping with the SEDA value of continuing reflection on professional practice and the following core development outcomes:

  1. Identified their own professional development goals, directions and/or priorities
  2. Planned for their initial and/or continuing professional development
  3. Undertaken appropriate development activities
  4. Reviewed their development and their practice, and the relations between them.

That spirit of peer review and peer support has characterised my experience of becoming and living as a SEDA Fellow throughout the last seventeen or so years.

CPD report

  • SEDA Associate Fellowship, Fellowship and Senior Fellowship holders are asked each year in May to complete reflections on the relevant development and learning they have undertaken in the previous year, and their CPD plans for the coming twelve months.
  • Fellows have given this feedback in previous years about the strengths of the scheme:
    • It is useful to reflect by writing or producing something
    • It is useful to gather all those activities into one place
    • It is useful to meet new and interesting people and use their ideas
    • It is useful to have a sense of belonging to a profession
    • It may be useful to weep on the shoulders of others – be fellows in adversity
  • Reports should reflect on personal and professional practice and development. They are not constrained to any particular media or format, but it must be possible to share the report with the other AFSEDA/FSEDA/SFSEDA holders in your triad. If text, reports should be c.1000-2,500 words long (or equivalent, if using a video diary for example, rather than text).
  • Reports normally comment on:
    • what you did
    • why you did it
    • what you learned
    • how you used your learning, or will use it
    • what your future plans for development in this area are
  • You shouldn’t feel constrained by this suggested structure except for the final bullet point. Please ensure your report includes a section on your CPD plans for the coming year.
  • Reports are submitted no later than 31st July each year to the SEDA office:

Sample CPD reports

Sample CPD Report 1
Sample CPD Report 2


Our triad resulted in powerful reflection and insights on all our parts…

  1. CPD Triads take place in July-September each year. When the office receives your CPD report, you will be matched with two other Associate Fellowship/Fellowship/Senior Fellowship holders, to discuss your reports.
  2. Triads agree the timing and approach to discussions between themselves. The mode of discussion (email, phone, face to face, social media) is up to triad members. Real or virtual conversations need to be completed by September 30th annually. This is a requirement to remain in good standing.
  3. Triads must ensure that one member of the Triad sends a confirmation to the SEDA Office that the discussion has been completed satisfactorily.

Ownership of the standard of CPD and reporting resides with each individual. Other triad members can prompt reflection and provide support, and challenge if needed, but the other members are not responsible for the adequacy of your CPD activity or reporting. 

Maintaining your fellowship status whilst on parental leave

If you wish to maintain your Fellowship status during a period of parental or sick leave then it may be possible to exempt you from the CPD requirement and offer a discount on the annual Fellowship fee. Please contact the SEDA office ( prior to starting the period of parental leave or as soon as possible after returning from unplanned sick leave, to discuss this. Alternatively you can simply let your Fellowship lapse and reinstate it at the following year’s CPD cycle. Please inform the office as soon as possible if this is your intention.

I am very confident what SEDA has endowed me with will help me face the challenges with ease

It feels good to have confidence in your own sense of professionalism