Who is it for?

Associate Fellowship of SEDA (AFSEDA) is designed for SEDA individual members who have some involvement in academic development. This might include people in roles such as early career academic developers, departmental learning and teaching co-ordinators, and others such as learning support staff and those involved in substantial projects or change initiatives.

Becoming an associate fellow

To become an Associate Fellow, you need to join SEDA as an individual member and at the same time sign up for the Associate Fellowship.

You can do both by completing this application form and returning it to us at office@seda.ac.uk .

CPD requirement

SEDA is committed to continuing professional development. Individuals holding an Associate Fellowship are required to engage in a regular CPD process in order to remain ‘in good standing’. For further details click here .


Associate Fellowship is seen as a developmental stage on the path towards Fellowship or Senior Fellowship of SEDA. As an AFSEDA you will be expected to participate in two rounds of annual CPD, following which your AFSEDA status will lapse. If you sign up for AFSEDA after 31st March then you won’t be required to participate in the CPD process until the following year.

How much does it cost?

Recurrent annual cost = £32 (Associate Fellowship fee) + £129 (Individual Membership of SEDA).

There is a register of all categories of Fellowship holders on the SEDA website.