Each award has its own set of specialist outcomes which describe the capabilities appropriate for the named award.

The outcome descriptions are meant to be indicative rather than definitive. Part of the process of accreditation is about articulating how you address and interpret these outcomes in your programmes for your participants. The needs and context of the participants within your institution/organisation will influence this interpretation. The specialist outcomes suggest a focus for the professional development needs of the particular role, function or area of activity being addressed by the award.


  1. The outcomes should not be seen as a single check list of competencies but rather viewed holistically through the integration of the values.
  2. In a similar fashion a core feature is the development of the participant and therefore when satisfied the outcomes are likely to have a sense of work in progress and becoming a reflective practitioner.
  3. In any programme of professional development, it is important to consider how evidence will be brought together to demonstrate achievement of outcomes and how the process of generating evidence supports and enhances the professional development and learning experience.
  4. The core development outcomes are self evident and probably demonstrated through the holistic nature and contexts of the participant’s submission. Appropriate staged needs analysis and reviews might, for example, be completed and learning/action plans justified.

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