This is one of the SEDA-PDF named awards available through SEDA’s Professional Development Framework. It is of particular relevance to a range of staff who support student learning on higher education awards.

This named award is aligned to Descriptor 1 of the UK Professional Standards Framework (HESA code 15).

Successful graduates of programmes accredited against this award are entitled to refer to themselves as SEDA Recognised for Supporting Learning.


  • To support individuals in their professional activities and development aspirations
  • To recognise individual professional achievements
  • To advance professional practice
  • To enhance the experience of students participating in higher education
  • To encourage the development of learning communities with shared values.


This award is for those who hold posts which involve some duties and responsibilities for supporting the development and/or delivery of learning opportunities. Potential participants might, for example, include a wide range of staff who support learning using information technology; in the laboratory; with flexible learning systems; in the studio or clinic; research staff with specialist teaching responsibilities; library, careers and advisory staff or hourly paid lecturers or seminar leaders with prescribed duties.


Award recipients will have shown how their work is informed by the SEDA Values: 

  1. Developing understanding of how people learn
  2. Practicing in ways that are scholarly, professional and ethical
  3. Working with and developing learning communities
  4. Valuing diversity and promoting inclusivity
  5. Continually reflecting on practice to develop ourselves, others and processes.

Core development outcomes

Award recipients will be able to:

  1. Identify their own professional development goals, directions or priorities
  2. Plan for their initial and/or continuing professional development
  3. Undertake appropriate development activities
  4. Review their development and practice, and the relations between them.

Specialist outcomes

Additionally award recipients will be able to:

  1. Use a variety of appropriate approaches to enable learning
  2. Use a variety of methods for evaluating their role in supporting learning
  3. Inform their professional role with relevant strategy, policy and quality considerations.

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Named award co-ordinators

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