Specialist outcomes: indicative content

Outcome 5

Use a variety of appropriate approaches to enable learning
The context of this outcome is one in which participants engage in enabling learning through varied activities such as the development of educational material and use of different teaching methods. Participants will need to individually show how such activities have enabled learning recognising the needs of individual learners. Participants will demonstrate a range of applicable and relevant approaches to enabling deep learning.

Outcome 6

Use a variety of methods for evaluating their role in supporting learning
This outcome relates closely with outcome 5 but additionally the participants will be demonstrating a range of applicable and relevant approaches which recognise the needs of individual learners. Links are likely to be made with current concepts to support and enable deep learning approaches.

Outcome 7

Inform their professional role with relevant strategy, policy and quality considerations
Institutional and national quality assurance and enhancement systems and approaches impact upon education in F/HE. The individual and particular employment context and role of the participant will indicate the appropriate type, level and depth of material presented to satisfy this outcome.