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This SEDA Special supports teachers, managers and staff
developers who are working in colleges providing higher education either
directly or through partnerships with universities. It
will also be valuable for university staff engaged in these partnerships.
It recognises the varied provision of this growing sector and will help college
staff who are beginning to provide some higher education courses, as well as
those who are seeking to enhance their more established courses.

Each chapter deals with the common questions and themes which
arise from considering higher education provided through colleges. These
include: capturing HE-ness and nurturing an HE ethos; developing appropriate
forms of research and scholarship; enhancing peer observation and reviewing HE
practice; conceptualising the nature of knowledge in vocational curricula; and
accessing and developing relevant continuing professional development

Each chapter considers the context of its theme, critically
discusses the relevant issues and gives practical advice on ways to enhance
provision. The authors have a depth of knowledge and experience from working in
this important sector of higher education, both in the UK and around the world.

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