The fundamental proposition of this publication is to underline and further encourage the development of teaching practices and scholarly reflection on teaching across the sector by experienced teaching staff. In doing so the authors emphasise and encourage continuing professional development (CPD) and ongoing engagement with teaching scholarship across an academic career, and in particular point you to the virtue and value of working with the UK Professional Standards Framework to guide that endeavour.  In targeting the book on seeing an application for recognition as continuing professional development it avoids the reinforcement of, what has been referred to as, retrospective benchmarking in favour of a re-envisioning and creating a connectedness to and in you as an applicant for recognition.  As I’m sure you tell your students process is as important as product, and in concentrating on the process this Special has the potential to help you create and sustain a product beyond the point of recognition.This handbook will be useful to you as an individual applicant, and as a mentor to others engaging in the process, to progress a submission for recognition linked to the UKPSF. It is practical and concise synthesis of the routes to recognition that many experienced HE staff will find to be a valuable addition to their library. The jargon free, scholarly approach can help you use a claim for recognition using engagement with the UKPSF as a space and time to reflect on and build your plans for on-going CPD in respect of your teaching and supporting learning and to thus derive the maximum benefit from the recognition process for you and for your students.

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Jackie Potter, Rebecca Turner


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