Ten years ago the practice of structured approaches to enable students to support their fellow students was only just beginning to emerge within the context of UK higher education. Since then many universities have introduced peer learning and student-to-student mentoring schemes. This volume presents five contemporary case studies which showcase different  approaches to students supporting students and which emphasise the importance of peer learning schemes, demonstrating the breadth and richness of positive impacts such schemes can have. Examples are included of peer learning across and within disciplines, within and outside the taught curriculum and within on- and off-campus settings. Each example encompasses the deliberative, critical examination and evaluation of each scheme in relation to its purpose or purposes, and the strength of evidence – with particular emphasis on the student voice – from which summary implications are drawn by the authors. The case studies are positioned within the wider context of contemporary issues which educational developers set at the heart of their work and practice – student retention, student engagement and student success. This volume offers readers the opportunity to reflect on the ideas presented here and to adopt or adapt them to the diverse contexts of their own institutional needs and priorities.

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Daphne Hampton, Jacqueline Potter


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