A qualitative study exploring the knowledge and skills which university lecturers develop in their teaching role – Adrian Chown (University College London)

In-house evaluation of initial training of HE teachers – Martin Coffey (The Open University)

To evaluate a prototype online journal – Shirley Earl (Napier University)

Under-achievement and intervention in relation to first year undergraduate examinations – Mark Liddiard (University of Kent)

Understanding the role of learning technologists – Dr Martin Oliver (University College London)

To identify and characterise the loci of educational development within an institution – John Sweet (University of Wales College of Medicine)


Who, What and Where of CPD. A survey of the conditions under which EDU-type units are likely to operate more effectively – Rakesh Bhanot (Coventry University)

To evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of a portfolio-based performance and development review system designed to promote CPD among all categories of staff – Andrew Castley (Nene University College)

To develop a virtual HE teaching and learning reading group – Dr Paul Curzon (Middlesex University)

Educational development: its practice and strategic role – Ray Land (University of Edinburgh)

To survey how the CPD needs of the SEDA membership are identified and met – Ranald Macdonald (The Open University)

To survey a range of CPD schemes within a range of professional bodies, and to design a system for Careers Staff in HE – Rose Mortenson (AGCAS)


Telematics support for distance learners – Peter Funnell and Mark Miller (Suffolk College)

Students’ and teachers’ Perceptions of Motivating Factors – Dr Kim lssroff (University College London) and Dr Teresa del Soldato (The Open University)

Motivation for Student participation in institutional Communities – Selena Mason (Middlesex University) and Lindsey Fidler (University  of Warwick)

Experiences of newly appointed teachers inexperienced in HE – Maggie McNorton (University of Glamorgan)

Using  portfolios in undergraduate curricula – Julie Mortimer (University of Northumbria at Newcastle)

Changes in Student Motivation during the first semester of a university degree – Professor Stephen (Newstead University of Plymouth)

Metacognitive skills and computer-based courseware – Gwen Vandervelden (University of Kent at Canterbury)