Student Induction and Support has
never been more important in Higher Education. This Special Offer Pack
comprises four contemporary publications by SEDA on the topics of student
transition, student engagement, student peer learning and the experience of
Chinese students in UK Higher Education. Together they provide valuable
insights into the practices that have been found to be effective in supporting
student learning and persistence in Higher Education. The examples are taken
from a variety of UK institutional contexts and present to the reader a range
of evaluated practice and policy approaches. As with all SEDA publications,
they will guide both educational developers and colleagues working with
students in their work of improving our students’ experience of Higher

Special Offer Pack includes one copy each of:

SEDA Paper 121: Student Transition: Practices and Policies to Promote

A Cook and B S Rushton (2008) 

The current concern with engaging
and retaining students through their transition from secondary to tertiary
education is here given new perspectives. The STAR
project, conducted at the University of Ulster, is described as a means of
providing evaluated examples of good practice in managing student transition;
the detail, breadth and scope of the project will surely render it among the
most useful and informative examples of literature on the subject, addressing a
variety of challenges and issues from national and university strategies to
course and departmental level.

SEDA Special 26: Students Supporting Students
J Potter
and D Hampton Eds (2009)

Many universities have introduced
peer learning and student-to-student mentoring schemes. This volume presents
five contemporary case studies which showcase different approaches and
demonstrate the positive impacts such schemes can have. Examples are included
of peer learning across and within disciplines, within and outside the taught
curriculum and within on- and off-campus settings. Each example encompasses
deliberative, critical examination and evaluation of each scheme in relation to
its purpose or purposes, and includes particular emphasis on the student voice
– from which summary implications are drawn by the authors. The case studies
are positioned within the wider context of contemporary issues which
educational developers set at the heart of their work and practice – student
retention, student engagement and student success. This volume offers readers
the opportunity to reflect on the ideas presented here and to adopt or adapt
them to the diverse contexts of their own institutional needs and priorities. 

SEDA Special 23: Enhancing the Experience of Chinese Students in UK
Higher Education – Lessons from a Collaborative Project

M Foster Ed (2008)

This Special takes an
international theme addressing the experiences of Chinese students studying HE
courses both in the UK and on collaborative programmes with British
universities in China. Using the results of an innovative and impressive
two-year project involving colleagues and students in China and in the UK, as
well as current research, contributors explore methods aimed at helping Chinese
students to cope with, and excel at, their studies in the UK. British and
Chinese contributors discuss the cultural impacts and implications for students
and teachers, including advice on how both parties can adapt to each other, and
Chinese academics discuss the principal challenges Chinese students face when
interacting and learning in English and adapting to a new learning environment. 

SEDA Special 22: Aspects of Student Engagement
L Hand and C Bryson (2008)

This SEDA Special is the product
of several years’ research, sharing, interaction and active involvement. In
addressing the challenges of student engagement – why it is important, how it
can be defined, how the transition into HE can affect levels of engagement, and
how engagement can be supported, assessed and taken forward – the authors draw
upon the experiences of academics from the UK, Australia and New Zealand to explore
what is without doubt a current and vital topic in modern Higher Education and
educational development.   

Bought separately these books would cost £50. The Special Offer Pack
is £40 (including postage).


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