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This issue contains articles on:Student Assignments as Tutor’s Research Simon Polovina (South Bank University) explains how to get your students to do your journal research for you while improving their own learning. What Students Think They Know Here’s a tip for all teachers who bemoan their students’ lack of knowledge: Geoff Walker (University of Teesside) describes how he developed a prior knowledge questionnaire to discover just how much his students thought they remembered of their A-level course. Careers and the Undergraduate Ian Cross (University of Portsmouth) tells us about the careers programme developed in his university and how it works for his students. Developing Skills Employers Want Grete Birtwistle (Glasgow Caledonian University) describes how her university cooperated with local industry to develop a practical degree course which provides opportunities for students to acquire the kind of skills employers want. TIPS: the Teaching Improvement Project System in Action Reg Dennick (University of Nottingham) gives us a flavour of an intensive two-day workshop designed to improve teaching skills. Oral Assessment in Groups Pat Grant (University of Greenwich) takes a fresh look at oral assessment – in small groups.

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