In the precarious world of educational development, where an
argument for sustainable resources always needs to be made, this Special
advances a number of local and global approaches of how such work is integral
to the future quality of higher education. In very challenging times, this
agenda is too important to ignore. This Special thus addresses a vital topic
for Educational Developers – the ‘impact’ agenda. Editor Roni Bamber advances a
strong argument that goes to the heart of much educational development work,
that of using evidence as a tool of persuasion to encourage colleagues to think
differently about how current imperatives in higher education might effectively
be evaluated.  Rather than impact, Bamber argues – with admiral support
from a range of distinguished contributors – Educational Developers should
instead aim to evidence value. In this publication, a variety of perspectives
are provided to assist others in this important persuasive task. If, as this
publication suggests, ‘impact’ is the wrong target, the educative potential of
the UK and international accounts included here are helpful tools that
Educational Developers can use to influence others – especially senior
colleagues – as to the nature and value of development work. Contributors provide
examples from practice that enable us to reflect on and argue for the value of
what educational development activity can do.

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