Is teaching and working in higher education becoming a profession? We believe it is, and this publication contributes to the discussion on how to accelerate this process. Mike Laycock, Liz Shrives and a team of expert practitioners explore the issues and theories of Continuing Professional Development, the emergence of CPD schemes and frameworks and the reality of implementing CPD in higher education institutions. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, from Humboldt to Cooperrider, the contributors address major challenges and questions such as: what is, or should be, CPD? How can it be recorded and recognised? How can staff (not just academic staff) be encouraged to participate and value it? How can universities and university management work with their staff to use CPD for mutual benefit? Higher education is committed to the development of its students – this paper shows how it can become committed to those who work within it as well.

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Liz Shrives, Mike Laycock


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