How do we make higher education learning and teaching more inclusive? What can we learn from each other’s experiences in supporting greater inclusion in higher education, and, in particular, greater inclusion in the curriculum and the academic side of higher education?We would all agree that it is desirable for higher education to be as inclusive as possible and to enable students from the widest range of possible backgrounds to succeed and fulfil their potential. But how are those aspirations translated into practice on the ground? This Special shares experiences and insights from practitioners regarding the challenges and successes in implementing inclusion policies. In doing so, the contributions aim to provide critical insights and helpful ideas for colleagues across the sector developing policy and practice in this area.Academic developers have great expertise and are often in key positions to support changes and enhancement to teaching and learning that can support strategic re-thinking in their institutions as well as change initiatives with academics. This publication aims to contribute to this process by providing ideas of what works and potential challenges as well as pointing to resources. Developers might like to share this Special with academic faculty and other strategic institutional contacts. Students of social justice may also find this Special of interest.The ideas and practice sharing in this Special will provide a valuable resource for academic developers, higher education managers, academics and students in fostering greater inclusion and supporting diverse learners in higher education.

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Anna Mountford – Zimdars, Claire Gordon


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