New SEDA Roll of Honour Awardees

15 November 2016
New SEDA Roll of Honour Awardees

Congratulations to Professor Julie Hall SFSEDA, Professor Ray Land and Liz Shrives SFSEDA who have been awarded a place on SEDA’s Roll of Honour.

Julie has been a tireless campaigner for educational development in general and SEDA in particular. She substantially advanced the status of SEDA through her constructive, strategic leadership and her ability to engage with all members of the community. She is an outstanding advocate for staff and educational development and truly embodies the SEDA values in all she does.  Julie is a scholarly academic and holds both SFSEDA and PFHEA; first and foremost, however, she is an educational developer who has moved the Association and the profession forward in significant ways.

The breadth and scope of Ray’s influence within the Educational Development field is phenomenal. As a role model for scholarship which combines the highest quality research with a career grounded in the fundamental practice of educational development, Ray has set an example of the highest international standard.  At the same time, he continues to provide support and advice at the local level, wherever it is called for. Ray has provided support and advice over the years to many individuals and teams. Here, the value of his support far outweighs any benefit to himself, and in this way he has exemplified SEDA’s values of scholarship professionalism, collegiality, inclusivity and commitment to learning.

Liz has substantially advanced the status of SEDA in relation to its mission and, throughout her career, has been an outstanding advocate for staff and educational development. She has represented SEDA on a number of high level panels, ensuring that SEDA’s voice has been heard and responded to. Liz has been instrumental in informally mentoring many colleagues into the workings of SEDA and has been a great advocate for educational development over many years; tirelessly working for SEDA for a lot of that time; and influential on many fronts.