Looking for an Editor for the SEDA Blog

31 January 2023

The SEDA Blog is a weekly blog which explores issues relating to all aspects of higher education and educational development practice.  It has an international following of over 7,000 subscribers and has become place where contemporary ideas and practice are shared.   

We attract posts from a diverse range of professionals, from lecturers on the ground, educational developers supporting busy academics, learning technologists, senior leaders and everyone in-between.  

We also commission posts on ‘hot topics’ and invited ‘blog series’ where an editorial team develops a series of posts to explore a theme in greater detail.  We have previously hosted a series on student transitions at the beginning of the academic year, and recently celebrated with a blog series the launch of the recent SEDA book ‘Developing Expertise for Teaching in Higher Education: Practical Ideas for Professional Learning and Development‘. 

From Spring 2023 the SEDA Blog will become part of the Educational Developments Committee, where it will continue to grow.  To support SEDA further develop this important area of work, we are looking to recruit additional committee members primarily dedicated to the SEDA Blog.  As a member of the committee responsible for blogs you will be required to: 

  • Identify and commission individual blog posts on relevant topics 
  • Identify and commission blog series to run several times a year 
  • Review and edit blog posts, ensuring they align with SEDA and the values of the organisation 
  • Undertake necessary admin / organisation work associated with the Committee 
  • Attend Educational Developments Committee planning meetings every 3 months. 

This is a great opportunity to curate and lead an international blog and would make a great case study for professional recognition schemes and your career development as a higher education professional.  Have you got what it takes to lead the SEDA Blog into its next phase? We’d love to hear from you!

For an informal chat about the SEDA Blog contact Becky Turner (rebecce.turner@plymouth.ac.uk) or the Educational Developments Committee contact Santanu Vasant (santanu.vasant@outlook.com).   We are inviting Expression of Interests of 300 words, summarising relevant experience and the contributions you could make to editing the SEDA Blog.  Please submit these to the SEDA Office (office@seda.ac.uk) by no later than 10 am on the 10th Feb 2023