This issue contains articles on:

Developing Skills for the Twenty-First Century
Stella Hurd (The Open University) examines the issues that need to be addressed if students are to develop autonomy in learning.

Student (Self-)Profiling
Mary Karpel, Sue Jackson, Lea Myers, Andrew Ruffhead and Olive Stubbs (University of East London) describe a project designed to encourage students to take responsibility for learning.

Deconstructing Familiar Things
Dr Stuart Hannabuss (The Robert Gordon University) describes how a course on postmodernism starts students thinking and helps them get to grips with some pretty difficult modern writers.

GNVQ Time Bomb and NVQ Depth Charge
Penny Wolff (University of Huddersfield) and Nick Sutcliffe (Leeds Metropolitan University) warn of hidden dangers as more students enter HE via non-traditional pathways.

Do Numbers Speak Louder Than Words?
Paul Sander (University of Wales Institute Cardiff) and Keith Stevenson (Leicester General Hospital) investigate student feedback to discover which are better – quantitative or qualitative questionnaires.