This issue contains articles on:

The Art of Inspiring Independent Learning 1
Carole and David Baume (The Open University) give practical suggestions on how teachers can help students to become independent learners.

Stimulating Learners
Sue Jackson (university of East London) describes ways of meeting the needs of students from disadvantaged backgrounds even in large classes.

Honours Classifications
The Need for Transparency
Harvey Woolf (University of Wolverhampton) and David Turner (Oxford Brookes University) investigate whether a student with a given set of results mightbe awarded an Upper Second degree in one institution and a Lower Second in another.

Towards an Accredited Future
Life After Dearing
Kate Exley (University of Nottingham) examines the Dearing Report’s recommendation that teaching in HE be professionalised.

‘SpaƟ’ is German for ‘Fun’
More on Inspiring Independent Learning
Steven Lawrie (University of Aberdeen) describes a successful experiment in German language teaching which motivated and inspired his students.

Hazel Fullerton (University of Plymouth) claims that managing academics is like herding cats – and a good thing too!