This issue contains articles on:

You’ve Got Me … But Who’s Got You?
Ivan Moore (University of Ulster) muses on Quality Assessment.

Teaching Quality
Dick Glover describes his view of what a Teaching Quality Assessment should be like.

Academic Perjury
Mike Hayes (Cardiff Institute of Higher Education) examines quality assessments with a jaundiced eye and sees peer review as a “judge and jury” system inviting academic perjury.

CATS at Work
Paul Oliver (University of Huddersfield) discusses the benefits and problems in promoting the accreditation of in-service courses.

Team Assessment, Win or Lose
Mark Lejk (University of Sunderland) describes how he assesses classes of around 250 students.

Of Games and Gaming
Jon Curwin and John Furnival (University of Central England) explain how to use business games as a learning tool.