Aim of the award

The aim of this SEDA award is to encourage and celebrate collaborative educational development initiatives that demonstrably improve practice and outcomes in higher education.   


Applications will be welcomed either from single institutions or from partnerships of institutions. The main or lead institution must have full SEDA membership.

Assessment criteria, each of which must be met

The initiative must:

  1. Provide both practical and theoretical / scholarly responses to important challenges, opportunities or issues in course design, learning, teaching and / or assessment in post-compulsory education.
  2. Involve cross-institutional and / or inter-institutional collaboration.
  3. Involve staff with specific roles in educational development, as well as academic staff and students.
  4. Also involve staff with other roles, for example, learning technologists, information and library specialists, student / learning developers and careers staff.
  5. Show how the initiative is both cost-effective and sustainable.
  6. Show how the initiative has led to demonstrated impact through positive outcomes in one or more important aspects of course design, student learning, teaching, assessment and / or student support.
  7. Show at least the potential to be adapted and transferred to other contexts, for example, other disciplines or institutions.


Please submit an application – as a Microsoft Word document, using the headings below – to the SEDA office by noon on the last working day of August.

The application should contain the following information:

  1. Title of initiative
  2. Contact details of proposer:
  3. Name
  4. Job title
  5. Department/unit
  6. Institution
  7. Address
  8. Phone
  9. Email
  10. Partner institutions (if relevant)
  11. Names and contact details of principal other staff involved
  12. Summary of application (maximum 100 words)
  13. Account of how the application meets each of the criteria described above (up to 1000 words in total, plus any data / figures / tables)
  14. References and weblinks (no word limit)

Required attachment

A letter of institutional support, which should:

  • Include additional comments on both the impact and the potential of the initiative.
  • Occupy not more than two sides of A4.
  • Include confirmation of institutional commitment to support the proposers of a winning application with travel and other expenses to the SEDA conference.
  • Be signed by the Head of Educational Development (or equivalent) at the proposing institution, or by another senior member of staff if the Head of Educational Development is an applicant.

Style sheet

Please ensure that your application uses the following formatting:

  • Arial 11 point for the body text.
  • All pages numbered
  • 1” margins all round on all pages.
  • Relevant weblinks are permitted (you cannot assume/expect the reviewers will consult these).
  • Harvard referencing (whichever variant is used in your institution).
  • Footnotes are not permitted.

Shortlisting and final judging
Written applications will be shortlisted against the criteria by the SEDA Conference Committee.

Three shortlisted applications will deliver a poster and presentation (as part of a keynote session) to the Autumn SEDA Conference in the year of application. The overall winner will be selected at the conference by a panel comprising:

  • Chair – nominated by Conference Committee, plus
  • One nominated member from each of the main SEDA Committees: Executive; PDF; Services and Enterprise; Papers; Educational Developments; and Scholarship and Research.


The winning initiative will:

  • Receive two free places at the next SEDA Conference (to cover full conference fees and subsistence, but not travel to/from the conference venue).
  • Receive a certificate of achievement.
  • Be expected to write a feature article for Educational Developments.

Each of the two runners-up will:

  • Receive a certificate of achievement.
  • Be expected to write a feature article for Educational Developments.

Please apply, using the headings above, to SEDA by noon on the last working day of August.