Pam Parker
City, University of London

Pam is Director of the Learning Enhancement and Development Directorate. Pam has many years’ experience of staff development activities focused on supporting staff to provide high quality education using contemporary pedagogical approaches. Pam has a particular interest in assessment and professional development for staff.

Pam started her career as a registered adult nurse and then moved into teaching. During her career as a nurse and a nurse teacher her focus on educational development activities and supporting students and colleagues with their professional development led to her focusing more on education and a PhD. It then seemed natural to move across to a central role with a focus on education development and supporting colleagues with their learning, teaching and assessment activities.

Pam’s involvement in SEDA has now been for more than a decade finding this a great network for support, advice and collaboration. Pam has been both SEDA co-chair and SEDA conference and events chair in the past.

Pam is now a Professor of Educational Development, a National Teaching Fellow, an HEA Principal Fellow and a Senior Fellow of SEDA

Conference & Events Co-Chair