Kerry Gough
Nottingham Trent University

Kerry is Head of Academic Development and Research at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) where she leads the Educational Development, Educational Research and Evaluation, and Planning and Operations teams within the Centre for Academic Development and Quality. Kerry is responsible for learning and teaching professional development and pedagogic innovation at NTU. This is motivated through the findings of the Educational Research and Evaluation Team who research the staff and student experience of pedagogic best practice across NTU. Kerry leads the Educational Development team in delivery of a comprehensive learning and teaching professional development programme to support NTU in the delivery of ambitious curricula that have been designed to meet the requirements of Success for All at NTU.

Current NTU projects that Kerry is currently leading on include the Team Based Learning (TBL) Pilot Project to evaluate the effectiveness of TBL upon student engagement and attainment for diverse student groups, Student 2025 – the longitudinal study of current NTU students’ experiences of their time at University, and the Microcredentials Project, which is examining news ways of creating and delivering professional development beyond participation in the APA/ PGCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

Kerry has a proven track record of effective educational leadership for innovation and change, as evidenced across a 20-year Higher Education career, playing a leading role in Birmingham City University’s What Works? Student retention and success change programme in the design of the Times Higher Education Award shortlisted, Level Up Student transition programme, and NTU’s collaborative curriculum design process, CoLab (Creative Learning Guild Higher Education Institution Achievement Award (2019). Kerry has a published on student transition and engagement, and has a keen research interest in widening participation in support for Success for All at NTU.


Twitter: @drkerrygough