Dawne Irving-Bell
Edge Hill University

Dawne Irving-Bell, PhD, is a Reader in Learning and Teaching at Edge Hill University.

Dawne is a National Teaching Fellow, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and holds a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence.

As a teacher, Dawne is passionate about inspiring students, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Her experiences shape her values, and she believes that effective learning is cultivated from positive relationships with students, which starts with excellent teaching. With students at the heart of her practice she creates ‘conversational’ environments where mutual respect nurtures the spirit as well as the mind, engaging learning opportunities that help all students to reach their potential.

Dawne is dedicated to raising the profile of SoTL and passionate about creating opportunities for others. She established ‘The National Teaching Repository’, an Open Education Resource with proven reach and impact across the global Higher Education community. A platform where colleagues can share interventions that lead to real improvements in teaching and learning in a way that secures recognition for their practice, making it citable, sharable, and discoverable.

Dawne is a member of The Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation at Lancaster University, and her research interests include the formation of learner identity, with a particular focus on STEM subject disciplines. Dawne enjoys lecturing on visual thinking and advocates for technology and design education, for which she received a National Award from her subject association in recognition of her work to shape Teacher Education.  

In addition to being a member of SEDA’s Conference and Events Committee, Dawne edits the Journal of Social Media for Learning, is co-Chair of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning’s (ISSOTL) Recognition Committee, and co-leads ISSOTL’s International Teaching Fellows in the delivery of a global pedagogy and scholarship projects. 

belld@edgehill.ac.uk / Twitter: @belld17