19 April 2010
Location: London

Invitation to become an active member of the SEDA-PDF Community Recognising and Mentoring for SEDA-PDF Audience Are you…       

  • A Programme Leader of a SEDA-recognised programme       
  • Interested in becoming a SEDA recogniser or mentor     
  •  Interested in learning more about SEDA recognition of programmes       
  • Already involved in PDF recognising or mentoring for SEDA but have not been active in the last 2 years?
 If so, this workshop is for you. SEDA-PDF provides a framework of 16 awards for continuing professional development, each using specific outcomes to address a wide range of activities and roles within institutions.  Each award is associated with a specialist development community.  SEDA provides support to PDF-recognised institutions and programmes through its community of PDF practitioners. The Aims of the Workshop are:     
  • To acquaint those interested and current recognisers and mentors with the processes around SEDA-PDF recognition, which have been updated       
  • To familiarise new and existing recognisers and mentors with the outcomes and focus of a growing number of awards     
  • To share experience and build confidence in being an effective recogniser or mentor      
  • To consult on the redesign of PDF documentation
  • To develop relationships across the SEDA-PDF support community
Proposed Programme    
  • Introduction to participants and the Award Framework      
  • What is Recognising and Mentoring?      
  • What is a Recognition Event?      
  • Exploration of practicalities of recognition and mentoring     
  • Redesigning the recognition report form  
  • Group activities around individual awards      
  • Review and Action Planning
The cost for this event is £40, including lunch