28 January 2011
Location: Higher Education Academy, York

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Facilitators: Helen King (Senior Adviser, HEA) and Julie Hall (Head of the Learning & Teaching Enhancement Unit, Roehampton University; co-Chair of SEDA)

This interactive workshop will provide opportunities for colleagues to explore ways in which student experience data, in particular the National Student Survey, can be used to enhance both the student learning experience and the personal / professional development of those who teach and support learning.

Many of the questions posed in the NSS lead to responses that may be addressed through changes in administration or resourcing, for example access to IT, promptness of feedback, efficient timetables. In addition, a lot of attention has been paid to the assessment and feedback responses as these have been consistently lower across all higher education institutions. However, the questions on learning and teaching and personal development are considerably harder to address:

1) Staff are good at explaining things.

2) Staff have made the subject interesting.

3) Staff are enthusiastic about what they are teaching.

4) The course is intellectually stimulating.

19) The course has helped me present myself with confidence.

20) My communication skills have improved.

21) As a result of the course, I feel confident in tackling unfamiliar problems.

Responses to these questions cannot be addressed with a quick fix solution but require further investigation through discussions, focus groups, triangulation with other surveys (e.g. internal surveys or the Postgraduate Taught and Research Experience Surveys) and other approaches.

This workshop will explore the educational developers’ role in supporting the use of survey data and in using such data constructively to support professional and curriculum development. Activities will include discussion of conceptual models for educational development, sharing examples of practice, exploration of opportunities and barriers, and space for personal action planning.

The primary audience for this workshop is educational developers and those interested in learning & teaching enhancement (e.g. academic staff, learning and teaching co-ordinators / champions) in higher education and HE in FE.

By the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • Considered their role with respect to supporting responses to survey data;
  • Explored a range of examples of using student experience data to support academic development and the enhancement of learning & teaching;
  • Identified opportunities and barriers to using data for enhancement;
  • Discussed a range of strategies to address these opportunities and barriers;
  • Developed a personal action plan to take forward in their context.

A full programme will follow shortly. For further information contact Helen King: Helen.king@heacademy.ac.uk

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