Creative Pathways to Development

08 December 1998 - 09 December 1998
Location: Manchester

Conference AimTo enable those who are actively involved in the planning, organising and delivery of educational and staff development to meet, discuss and reflect on current key issues. Conference ThemesConference sessions offered came under the following themes:

  • CPD: increasing transparency for reward & promotion procedures
  • CPD & the Development of Teaching Portfolios
  • Learning from Professional Bodies
  • Assessing & Evaluating CPD
  • CPD: Principles & Practice
  • CPD: Tools & Techniques
  • CPD for all ‘learning professionals’

Conference Programme

Day 1 – Tuesday (click here for Day 2)

From 10.00am Registration and Coffee
11.00 – 11.30am Welcome: Dr Kristine Mason O’Connor – Chair SEDA Conference Committee Professor Robert F Boucher – Vice Chancellor and Principal UMIST
11.30 – 12.10pm Opening Interactive Keynote: Professor Phil Race, Programme Director of the University of Durham Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education Towards Assessing CPD Portfolios
12.15 – 1.00pm Session I (papers / seminars)

  • Paul Bailey – Rewarding Excellence or Demonstrating Competence: a question of level?
  • David Allen and Chris Slade – CPD and the Development of Teaching Portfolios
  • Sue Browell – A Co-operative Approach to Continuing Professional Development
  • Dr Kate Exley FSEDA and Catherine Haines – Beyond the New Lecturer: motivations to accredit academic practice?
  • Amanda Pill and Sheila Ryan – Who Dares Develops
  • Liz Shrives – Perceptions of Role and How They Influence Attitudes to Accreditation of Teaching and Learning

1.00 – 1.45pm Lunch
1.45 – 2.40pm Keynote Address: Professor Bob Fryer, New College, University of Southampton Implementing the Learning Age: meeting the challenge
2.45 – 3.30pm Session II (papers / seminars)

  • Dr Lorraine Stefani and Professor Lewis Elton – Experience with a CPD Course
  • Crissi Gallagher – Inter-Professional CPD: preparing students for a joint experience
  • Alan Mortiboys and Jon Dudley – Taking Control: using peer support to develop practical teaching
  • Professor John Cowan and Dr Judith George – Evaluating Assessment: policy capturing for a SEDA portfolio scheme
  • Joy Anderson and Catherine O’Connell – From the Periphery to the Mainstream: putting Personal and Academic Development Programmes (PADPs) at the heart of student learning

3.30 – 3.50pm Tea
3.55 – 4.40pm Session III (papers / seminars / workshops)

  • Steve Collins – Assessing Performance in the Workplace as Part of a CPD System
  • Linda Creanor and Dr Allison Littlejohn – Bridging the Skills Gap in Internet Communication
  • Hazel Fullerton FSEDA – (Workshop)The Rocky Road to Reward and Recognition
  • E C Waterman-Roberts and Val Jones – (Workshop)CPD: A Comparative Framework

  • Richard Dunnill and Vanessa Young – (Workshop)Principles into practice? Two years of developmental CPD activity – how are we doing?
  • Hilary Ferry – (Workshop)Creative Thinking for Lifelong Learners
  • David Jaques FSEDA – (Workshop)Developing Developers: CPD for the ‘Dearing Babes’

4.45 – 5.30pm Session IV (papers / seminars / continuation of workshops)

  • David McNamara and Jane Core – On Making EduLib Redundant: handing over ownership of EduLib to library staff

  • Andrew Castley FSEDA – A Typology of Staff Development for Learning Organisations

5.30 – 7.00pm Transactions
7.15pm Drinks Reception
8.00pm Conference Dinner
  followed by: Ian Grant, Director and Dean of the Faculty of Learning at the British Aerospace Virtual University The Personal Benefits of Learning