This SEDA Special is intended primarily for those who are relatively new to teaching in Higher Education, although it is also likely to be of interest to those who have been working in the field for some time but who wish to consider the issues of ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity’ in the Curriculum in more depth than hitherto. The Workbook briefly reviews (by way of background) statistical information on the student body, the broader context of Higher Education in the UK, particularly in relation to the widening participation agenda and the 2003 White Paper ‘The Future of Higher Education’, and recent ‘equality’ legislation. It looks in detail at ways in which those involved in teaching and learning in Higher Education can influence the curriculum in order to ensure that no students are discriminated against in the process of learning and teaching and, further, that all students are positively affirmed as individuals in the course of their studies. It does this via a consideration of the content and the delivery of the curriculum, an examination of the use of ICTs, and finally by taking a close look at assessment. Attention is paid to the particular needs of overseas students and disabled students as well as to the needs of women and mature entrants, of UK students from a variety of racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and of students of different sexual orientations. There are many examples of good practice drawn from a variety of sources and ample opportunities to reflect upon your own attitudes and practices in this area. The author is Learning Development Officer at the University of Leeds . She has a wide experience of teaching in schools, further and higher education and has conducted research in the areas of race and gender issues.┬áNo longer in print but can be bought on CD-ROM

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Christine Talbot


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