Page 1 Higher education as a product: A concept tested during pandemic times
Marios Hadjianastasis

Page 5 A reflective review of the Teaching Excellence Alliance (TEA) Sandpit
Penny Sweasey and Graham Holden

Page 9 Saving inclusivity and accessibility from becoming a fast fashion trend – Lessons learnt from the higher education sector
Nicole Parkinson-Kelly

Page 12 Diversifying the curriculum: Understanding students’ approaches to reading lists and developing student curator roles
Kelly Stockdale, Biddy Casselden and Rowan Sweeney

Page 17 Getting stuff done: Leading through influence in higher education
Kevin L. Merry

Page 20 ‘I don’t want to talk about it’: The role of dialogue in virtual observation
Stephanie Aldred, Orlagh McCabe and Stephen Powell

Page 23 Post-pandemic pedagogy: Status quo, evolution or (revolutionary) transformation?
Peter Gossman and Steve Outram

Page 28 SEDA News

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