This issue contains articles on:

Learning to Learn: purely a skill?
Mike Rawson (University of Luton) examines the deeper meaning of learning to learn, and concludes that tutors need to realise it entails considerably more than acquiring a skill.

Life Stories
David Limond (University College Northampton) suggests that students new to HE could be inspired by biographies of distinguished men from similar backgrounds.

A Mid-Life Crisis in Academia
John Lloyd (South Bank University) calls for goodwill towards older colleagues, and an appreciation of their knowledge and experience.

Cross-Cultural Work Groups: a business management perspective
Glauco de Vita (Oxford Brookes University) explains why business finds cross-cultural group working a valuable exercise, and suggests ways in which tutors could also benefit both themselves and their students.

Publishing, not Perishing
John Berridge (UMIST) and Adrian Wilkinson (Loughborough University) reveal secrets in a short guide to getting your research published where it counts.