This issue contains articles on:

The Art of Teaching in Small Groups 1
Sally Brown (University of Northumbria at Newcastle) tackles the thorny problems of organising small groups to maximise their benefits in student learning.

Learning Together
Mark Lejk (University of Sunderland) provides more practical ways of helping students get to grips with complex ideas.

Do Staff and Students See Eye to Eye?
What helps student learning? What hinders it? Do staff and students agree?
Alex Harrop and Anna Douglas (Liverpool John Moores University) decided to ask.

Academic Values Rule
John Radford and Leonard Holdstock report on The New Academic readership survey.

Taking Students by Surprise: some ideas on the Art of Inspiring Students
Paul Walker (University of Sydney) explains how he has discovered an inspiring way of showing his students that how you approach a subject determines how you understand it.

Approaches to Staff Development
Elaine Crosthwaite (HEQC) reviews some of the ways universities are developing staff.