In August 2020, Kay Sambell and Sally Brown wrote the fourth in their series of blog papers on the relationship between the Covid-19 crisis and assessment in higher education and very kindly offered it to SEDA to publish.

Their series of blog papers has had a major impact, and their fourth paper – on how the crisis has given universities and educational developers the opportunity to change assessment processes for the better, and permanently – is a subject which the SEDA community regards as especially important. Having been leading players in helping universities and their staff to steer their way at high speed through the recent upheavals, the challenge for educational developers now is how to ensure that our students have the best possible learning experience in the next phases of change. Assessment reform is central to that work.

SEDA is very grateful to Kay Sambell and Sally Brown for their work, and for the opportunity to showcase it. With their permission, we have also gathered the three previous papers to make it straightforward to follow their thinking since their first paper in March.

Please visit Sally’s original blog for more information.
Changing assessment for good: A major opportunity for educational developers (Paper for SEDA, 15th August 2020)
The changing landscape of assessment: Some possible replacements for unseen, time-constrained, face-to-face invigilated exams (Paper 3, 1st June 2020)
Fifty tips for replacements for time-constrained, invigilated on-site exams (Paper 2, 2nd April 2020)
Contingency planning: Exploring rapid alternatives to face-to-face assessment (Paper 1, 13th March 2020)