Olivia Hamill
Queen’s University Belfast

An accomplished professional with a robust educational background, including a PGCE in Business Studies from the University of Sunderland and a fellowship from the Higher Education Academy, Olivia brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of leadership development and pedagogy. Currently serving as a Professional Development Consultant at QUB, Olivia plays a central role in mentoring academic staff, fostering a dynamic learning environment, and spearheading initiatives to elevate academic leadership standards. Olivia’s proficiency extends to diverse roles, including her tenure as a CMI Training and Learning Consultant, where she delivered leadership programs and enhanced the curriculum through guest speakers and employer challenges. With a commitment to continuous improvement, Olivia actively participates in professional development activities and holds certifications in coaching and systems thinking. Olivia’s dedication to equality, diversity, and inclusion, coupled with emotional and cultural intelligence, makes her an ideal candidate for roles that demand a collaborative and supportive approach. As an adept presenter and facilitator, Olivia possesses the skills to develop high-quality resources and navigate sensitive information while respecting confidentiality. Olivia is a dedicated Event Lead for the CMI Regional Board, excelling in orchestrating transformative experiences for professionals in leadership and management through both online and in-person events. Recognized for her exceptional contributions, Olivia was honored with a nomination for the esteemed title of CMI Volunteer of 2022, showcasing her commitment to excellence and passion for creating empowering spaces in line with the organization’s vision.