Kevin L. Merry
De Montfort University

Kevin L. Merry is Head of Academic Development, and Professor of Learning, Teaching and Assessment at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, United Kingdom. In his role, Kevin supports the adoption and application of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) among the University’s large community of academic and professional services staff. He supports curriculum and instructional design, provides professional development and training, and develops resources and materials to support UDL implementation at DMU. An award-winning teacher, Kevin has received accolades for his approaches to accessible and inclusive curriculum design, and has become internationally renowned for his work on UDL. Through his role as founder and chair of the UDL United Kingdom and Ireland Higher Education Network (UDL-UKI), Kevin has supported adoption and implementation of UDL at higher education institutions in Europe, North America and Asia. The purpose of the UDL-UKI network is to identify, promote and support the development of approaches, models, tools, and practices that enable effective UDL practice in higher education settings. Kevin is the author of Delivering Inclusive and Impactful Instruction: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education which was published in 2023 by CAST, the world leaders in UDL.