Developing the Developers: professional enhancement for staff and educational developers

21 November 2000 - 22 November 2000
Location: Manchester

SEDA’s 5th Annual Conference for Staff and Educational Developers took place at the Manchester Conference Centre 21st-22nd November 2000. The title of the Conference was ‘Developing the Developers – Professional Enhancement for Staff and Educational Developers’. As the Conference Committee Chair, Rakesh Bhanot, indicated in his welcome, the title and themes of the Conference were selected by the Committee to enable participants to reflect upon and contribute to current and future staff and educational developments within the Higher Education Sector – including the ever-growing body of research evidence. The Conference was opened by the Vice-Chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University, Alexandra Burslem OBE. She emphasised the importance of continuing professional development across the sector to improve the support given to students and to enable staff to meet the challenges of new legislation. Dr Angela Brew presented a very stimulating opening keynote address ‘Taking Research Seriously: the role of inquiry in staff and educational development’; she emphasised how enquiry, investigation and discovery were at the heart of effective staff and educational development. Staff and educational developers should recognise the centrality of enquiry and ‘hold our own as researchers’. Dr Ray Land presented a thought provoking and highly enjoyable keynote address ‘Development and Change: a tool for auditing practice. In this session he took delegates through an exploration of notions of change which appear to underpin the way developers operate within specific organisational contexts; the presentation also offered a conceptual tool for auditing the extent to which development units appropriately address the cultures and needs of their institutions. The Conference offered a wide range of well evaluated seminars and workshops and closed with an address from Dr Sheila Watt (Head of Learning and Teaching Policy) of the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Dr Watt discussed emerging policies for staff and educational development and the need for capacity building; in her abstract of the session she quoted Ingram and Schneider ‘Public policy almost always attempts to get people to do things they might not otherwise do; or it enables people to do things they might not have done otherwise.’ The Conference certainly provided a plethora of practical and scholarly means of enabling delegates to learn, reflect, share and build capacity. Dr Kristine Mason O’ConnorSEDA Conference Committee

Conference ProgrammeDay 1 – Tuesday (click here for Day 2)

From 10.00am Registration and Coffee
11.00 – 11.30am Welcome: Dr Kristine Mason O’Connor – SEDA Conference Committee Alexandra Burslam – Vice Chancellor, Manchester Metropolitan University
11.30 – 12.15pm Opening Keynote Address: Dr Angela Brew FSEDA, University of Sydney Taking Research Seriously: the role of inquiry in staff and educational development
12.30 – 1.15pm Parallel Session 1
1.15 – 2.25pm Lunch
2.30 – 3.15pm Parallel Session 2
3.15 – 3.40pm Refreshments
3.45 – 5.30pm Parellel Sessions 3 and 4
5.45 – 6.45pm Transactions / Posters
7.00pm Drinks Reception – UMIST Entrance Hall
8.00pm Conference Dinner


Parallel Session 1 (45 minute sessions) Tuesday, 12.30 – 1.15pm

Presenter(s) Title Format
Dr Judith Clark Developing Students’ Key Skills in the University Environment: progressing the Key Skills Agenda Paper
Dr Colin Mason, Dr Robert Matthew and Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee MAPPING – Multimedia Approach to Profiles and Portfolios: INteractive Guidance Seminar
Dr N M Mbunyuza A Staff Development Model for Vista University Paper
Jenny Moon Improving the Impact of Short Courses Seminar
Ivan Moore FSEDA Now, I want to divide you into three groups … sustaining, professionalising and balancing the role of Educational Developers Workshop
Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou and Michelle Haynes Pyramid Selling Off The Back of a Trojan Horse Workshop

Parallel Session 2 (45 minute sessions) Tuesday, 2.30 – 3.15pm

Presenter(s) Title Format
Alison Cochrane and Bobbie Smith Peer Review and Observation: sharing the experience Seminar
Rowland Gallop Internet Supported Learning: pitfalls and challenges Seminar
Professor Susan Geertshuis and Mary Holmes Laptops and Learning: evaluating advances in nurse education Seminar
Dr Judith George A Strategy for Herding Cats Seminar
Dr Judith Kuit The Staff Development of Off-Campus Staff Seminar
Dr Martin Oliver ‘New professionals’ as Expert Learners: a model for professional development Seminar

Parallel Sessions 3 and 4 (90 minute sessions) Tuesday, 3.45 – 5.30pm

Presenter(s) Title Format
Catherine Bennett, Nick Hammond and Lena Tostevin Group-Based Learning: tools to support innovation and good practice Workshop
Vaneeta D’Andrea and David Gosling Models of Educational Development in Higher Education Workshop
Professor Mick Healey and Professor Alan Jenkins Embedding the Scholarship of Teaching into the Practices of Developers and Higher Education Institutions Workshop
Liz Shrives Making Observation of Teaching Strategic Workshop
Lorraine Stefani FSEDA and Bob Matthew The Directive versus the Developmental: is there a tension? Worksho