Working Documents

The following are down-loadable versions of SEDA working documents, in MS Word or rtf format.

Responses to recent government papers and consultations

  • 'Towards a framework of Professional Teaching Standards' (word file)
  • SEDA response to the White paper (rtf file)
  • SEDA response to the TQEC report (rtf file)
  • SEDA response to the Higher Education Academy's Consultation Paper: 'A Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Student Learning' (pdf file)

General - for consultation

  • EFFECTS Questionnaire (Word doc)
  • Elizabeth de Lowerntal's Dictionary (rtf file) of concepts terms and phrases associated with higher education development. The dictionary is a resource for education developers and participants in the programmes and workshops provided by educational development units.

PDF process documents (Word)

  • Registration Form
  • The Institutional Mapping document
  • The Programme Mapping document
  • Recognition Report Form


  • SEDA Expenses Claim Form (pdf file)
  • Guidance for claiming expenses (pdf file)

SEDA Fellowships Scheme

  • First Assesor's Log Form
  • Second Assessor's Log Form
  • Initial Assessment Form
  • Interview Report Form
  • Fellowship Registration Form
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