Webinar - Applying to SEDA Small Grants 2020

28th November 2019, 11am - 12pm

Hosted by Jennie Winter, University of Plymouth, Rowena Senior, Aston University and Laura Hills, London School of Economics

Thinking of applying to the SEDA small grant fund? If so then this webinar may be of interest to you. Jennie, Rowena and Laura sit on the SEDA Research and Scholarship committee and have experience of winning, reviewing and awarding SEDA Small Grant funding.

The webinar is targeted at anyone thinking of developing an application for 2020. The hosts will provide an introduction to the SEDA small grants scheme charting its history and current aims.  Drawing on the experience of the Research and Scholarship committee the webinar provides an overview of the application process and explores the grant criteria in detail identifying what makes a good grant idea and how to turn good ideas into great applications. Conversely, areas where applications commonly fall short of the criteria and success/ failure rates are highlighted. Using real application examples and contributions from grant winners we will explore the utility and legacy that SEDA grants can have for the individual, institution and sector. There will be opportunities to ask general questions about the grants process but questions relating to individual applications cannot be considered.

Please email Roz.Grimmitt@seda.ac.uk by the close of play on Monday 25th November if you wish to sign up to the webinar.

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