Student Support and Guidance

This is one of a range of named awards available through SEDA’s Professional Development Framework (SEDA-PDF).

  • To support the professional development of individuals working in a support and guidance capacity
  • To encourage reflection in and on practice as part of a learning community
  • To support individuals in questioning their practice, systems and processes informed by shared values
  • To enhance professional practice.

All staff working in UK institutions of HE within roles and activities linked to the support and guidance of students. This may include a range of roles from, for example, careers manager to academic or personal tutors. This is an area of increasing importance which requires consideration and support by institutions and by teams as it evolves. The award provides a vehicle for institutions and individuals to inform and structure this process of review and development.

Award recipients will have shown how their work is informed by the SEDA Values: 

  1. Developing understanding of how people learn
  2. Practicing in ways that are scholarly, professional and ethical
  3. Working with and developing learning communities
  4. Valuing diversity and promoting inclusivity
  5. Continually reflecting on practice to develop ourselves, others and processes.

Core Development Outcomes
Award recipients will be able to:

  1. Identify their own professional development goals, directions or priorities
  2. Plan for their initial and/or continuing professional development
  3. Undertake appropriate development activities
  4. Review their development and practice, and the relations between them.

Specialist Outcomes
Additionally, award recipients will be able to:

  1. Explain knowledge, principles and methods with regard to the effective support and guidance of students in HE
  2. Support and guide students, taking into account the framework of university and HE strategies, policy, systems, and processes
  3. Illustrate the extent to which they have considered the diverse background and needs of learners in their support and guidance activity
  4. Reflect on the ways in which their support and guidance activity is informed by an awareness of boundaries and commitment to ethical practice, inclusivity and diversity
  5. Reflect on their role, their effectiveness and contribution to support and guidance as part of a professional community

Wording improved, February 2011

Named award co-ordinators

Jessica Claridge:
Jenny Eland:

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